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​Welcome to the 5 Minutes Series. Each week, I’ll ask five questions of some of my favorite authors, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals. This week I’m talking with Andrew Buckley.

  • Andrew Buckley is a traditionally published author of rather silly, yet enjoyable fiction for all ages. As an ex-pat Brit living in Canada, Andrew is a passionate nerd, movie-lover, avid reader, comic book geek, public speakerprofessional writer, and dances a mean cha-cha. He’s also the co-founder and instructor at Wordsmith Academy, an online writing school. (Ed. Note. He’s also delightfully funny and adorable)

What do you wish people knew about you?

I often think that I over-share a little. Everything that I’d like people to know about me, I’ve already put out there in the world. Everything I haven’t shared is either classified by various governments around the world, or it’s simply none of anyone’s business. Having said that, here’s a few random facts that I rarely share publicly:

  • I once shot a video of myself naked, reading the first chapter from my book, Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish. The fancy bits were covered by camera trickery and/or an adorable animated goldfish. The video was “leaked” onto the internet and resulted in increased book sales and a lot of odd looks. My literary agent at the time finally told me to take it down as I was about to release my first middle grade novel and apparently a naked, hairy, ex-pat Brit is considered “inappropriate”.
  • I love theatre and musicals. Like I loooooooovvveee them. I think live performance is one of the most amazing captivating things on the planet.
  • I identify as polyamorous. Which means I believe in lots of love for everyone!

Do you have a writing process and if so, what is it?

Most of the time it’s a blend of blind panic associated with a looming deadline. Admittedly, I tend to talk about writing more than I write. But in the last year I’ve completed a short story, added to two work-in-progress novels, and co-wrote a 4-issue comic book series, and a feature length screenplay. The process for each has been very different. If I’m writing to a deadline, I tend to plan out what I’ll write during the day (while doing something mindless like driving or showering (not at the same time)) and then I’ll write my pages at night. Co-writing is completed by regular in-person meetings and goal setting. I keep a busy schedule so most of the time it’s making notes and writing wherever I can fit it in. I keep telling myself I’ll go on a writer’s retreat one day and finish my WIPs, but I haven’t got there yet.

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why?

I would be overjoyed if I could bend space and time. I could get to places quicker, if I need a breather I can just stop time, if I’m having an awkward encounter I can just POOF! and end the conversation or disappear. I’d love to be able to go anywhere in space and time whenever I want. So yeah, I want to be Doctor Who. Or maybe I want to be the TARDIS? Do I want to be a bio-cybernetic time travelling police box?! Maybe. Maybe I do . . .

What drew you to writing fairy tales?

The wondrously dark and gruesome original versions I discovered when I was a teenager really drew me to fairy tales. When I started writing and researching for my novel, STILTSKIN, I fell down the rabbit hole and have never returned. When I started speaking in schools, fairy tales were the ideal prism through which to teach people about story structure and the importance of complete character arcs. To this day, my Not So Happily Ever After Storytelling Workshop is still my most popular and requested writing workshop. While arguably, it’s also the simplest. (Ed. Note. I loved this workshop when I was lucky enough to take it. I got to be Prince Charming.)

What are you working on right now?

That’s such a loaded question these days that I’m not sure where to start. I have sequels to my first two novels marked as works in progress. I also have a sci-fi YA retelling of the Peter Pan mythos, and my first ever high-fantasy heist adventure that I’ve been working on for a while. I have two complete novels out to market with my literary agent and the third book in my werewolf series is in the process of being re-published as a self-published title. The comic book I co-wrote is now being illustrated and we get new pages every week which is very exciting as we have two amazing artists working on it. We’re writing grants and seeking investors for our horror comedy feature script that we wrote and intend to shoot in the Fall of 2024 under the banner of our newly formed production company: Monkey/Wolf Productions. Under that same banner, we’re currently in production on Nerds on the Run!—a StoryHive funded documentary that I co-wrote and co-host and will air on Telus Optik in January 2024. The documentary will also be cut into a pilot episodic for an ongoing series to be pitched to streaming networks. I’m also waiting on funding for two other documentaries (a look at the myths and legendary monsters of BC, and a highlight documentary on Kelowna drag queen, Ella Lamoureux). Aside from that, I have a packed schedule running workshops and speaking at writing conferences, teacher’s conferences, and comic cons. Tis a full and happy life 😀

If you’d like to learn more about Andrew, check out his website here.

Join me next week for a 5 question interview with author Tara Shannon.

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  1. aggiestevens says:

    I interviewed Andrew, too, and agree he’s charming and funny. Well done.

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