Finnian Burnett

Author, Educator, Cat Person

Reading my notes for this weekend – I’m so excited for power and physicality. I’m just already anticipating the great writing that will come out of it. We’re going to talk about scars, embodied cognition, hands, small physical details that add richness to writing, taking back our own power through narrative about our bodies. This is going to be great for poets, short story writers, creative non-fiction folks, or anyone who wants to be in a safer space where they can write about any aspect of the physical self. No sharing required – but there will be opportunities to share for those who feel called to do so.

I’ve been writing this class off and on for a few months now. The research alone is fascinating. It almost makes me wish I had done my capstone on physicality and learning because the connection between the body and mind is so deep.

I really think this could be a weeklong retreat–writing about our bodies, spending time going for walks, reading works from others who have written powerfully about their own bodies and the things bodies endure.

There are still a few spots left. If you’re interested, please come check it out.

If you are unable to make this one, I’ll be doing a version of this workshop for the WriteHive Conference in June.


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