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Hi all!

I have a couple writing workshops coming up in the next couple of months.

First, I’m giving a workshop on writing the body through The Crow Collective. That’s next weekend and space is limited now so sign up if you’re going to do so. If you want to sign up for one of the times and it says sold out, you can message me and I may be able to open a spot.

Power and Physicality: Writing Our Bodies, Ourselves

A generative workshop on embodied metaphor and physical writing.

Humans may feel out of control of our bodies sometimes. In healthcare, we may feel doctors tell us to take medicine we don’t want to take or have surgeries we don’t feel we need. In life, we face aging, illnesses, injuries, assault, trauma, pregnancy, abortion, joy, chronic pain, deep belly laughter.

Our bodies tell stories about our lives, and they allow other people to tell stories about us. People often make judgements about us by the things our bodies have been through. They have sometimes controlled our narratives by causing us pain.

By diving deeply into the scars, traumas, joys, and pain of our physical bodies, we can take back the power from people who have told their own stories about our bodies. This generative workshop will guide participants through embracing one’s own body through writing by discussing physicality, the visceral reaction a reader can have to sensory imagery, and guided discussions about body-centered short fiction and poetry.

I’ll also be teaching a class on writing queer characters for Off Topic Publishing in May. Check it out here and let me know if you’ve signed up. I’d love to put faces to some of the names who comment on this blog!

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