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How do you decide which writing conference to go to? I’m so excited to get to spend time at three conferences this summer/fall.

In July, I’m going to the Golden Crown Literary Society conference in Denver. There, I’ll be teaching a class, sitting on a panel, maybe doing an author reading from my forthcoming novella-in-flash, The Price of Cookies.

In August, I’ll be presenting at the one-day conference for Off Topic Publishing. This conference is going to be online as well as live, so check it out if you’re interested.

The conference rolls into a writers’ retreat which will be a welcome rest after travelling to Denver, spending a few weeks at home catching up, and then travelling to Banff for the Off Topic Conference. I’m hoping to spend some time working on one of my WIPs – after a long dry spell, I’m suddenly inundated with ideas and have three different WIPs on the go. Ugh. When it rains, it pours.

I’ll also be going to the Wine Country Writer’s Festival in September, but I don’t think I’ll be presenting anything there which makes it – maybe not a good career choice for someone with a new collection out – but a weekend away with a lot of writers. I think it will be fun. And my wife and I are already looking forward to the California rolls at Koya restaurant – something we don’t get where we live.

It also means getting to see my new friend, author Andrew Buckley, who writes the most deliciously wonderful twisted fairy tales. Meeting him was a high point of last year’s Wine Country festival. Check out his work here.

There is a wealth of conferences in British Columbia and next year, I’m going to have to look into other great ones like Word on the Lake and When Words Collide.

2 thoughts on “So Many Writing Conferences

  1. Darn.
    I was hoping we were going to see you in May at Word on the Lake, especially after your fiction win in the writing contest. (Congratulations).

    1. I would have considered it if there was a call for presenters. But the costs of conferences and not being on a panel/presentation makes it more like a vacation than work and I’ve already taken my vacation for this year šŸ™‚

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