Finnian Burnett


I love it when I can combine the research I’ve been doing for my capstone with my one true love – creative writing. In April, I get to teach a two-hour workshop on Power and Positionality: Writing Our Bodies, Ourselves.

In this workshop, I’ll be diving into the ways society strips our power to tell our own stories about our bodies, how other people use their perceptions about our bodies to tell their own stories about us, and how we can take that power back by writing our own narratives. We’ll dive into body trauma, the joy of physicality, and how to access your own body’s positionality to dig deep into those stories that need to be told.

If you’re interested, registration is open now and there are several free spaces open. Please only use these if you need them because they are designed to allow access to the course for low-income people.

See below or click here to register.

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