Finnian Burnett

Author, Educator, Cat Person

This is a micro-piece I submitted to the Globe Soup monthly microfiction contest. I was one of ten finalists – then everyone in the private Globe Soup group was able to vote on a favorite. I won first place and the prize was £100 which I half-jokingly note will keep me in writing workshops for the rest of the month.

Things I Couldn’t Say

What I meant to say was the celestial pattern of scars on my legs weighs them down and I walk through quicksand while you jog and what I meant to say was the ponderous sway of my stomach grows grotesque next to your lithe frame and what I wanted to say was my mother says they don’t make wedding dresses in size gargantuan and what I didn’t say was your best friend oinks when you’re not there and what I couldn’t say was the ring you’re holding hasn’t a chance of fitting my fat fingers, so instead, I say no. 

One thought on “Flash Fiction -Thing I Couldn’t Say

  1. carolynmcb says:

    Congratulations on the win!

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