Finnian Burnett

Author, Educator, Cat Person

My calendar is starting to fill up with writing classes and workshops.

In February, I’ll be co-teaching a four-week course on novel-planning for beginning writers with Kimberly Cooper Griffin. There is early bird pricing happening right now, so make sure to check it out.

In March and April, Kimberly and I will be co-teaching a six-week flash fiction course. We’ll be talking about structure, experimentation, subverting point of view, and so much more. There will be a heavy focus on generative writing and we expect participants will come out of the course with several flash pieces.

Also in February, I’ll be giving a flash workshop to a class of high school creative writing students.

In April, I’m giving another flash workshop to a writer’s group in Wisconsin.

And in June, I’ll be back with the incredible Herstry Blog to give a 90-minute flash workshop where we’ll talk about writing flash and the un-sexy, but so important art of revision.

Over the summer, I’ll be participating in the Golden Crown Literary Society conference and the Wine Country Writer’s Festival, though I’m not yet sure exactly what I’ll be doing.

Stay tuned to this space as I’ll make sure to post when registrations open for upcoming events.

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