Finnian Burnett

Author, Educator, Cat Person

Childhood Games

Shadows along hallway edges. I hold the candelabra, careful to keep my body in the light. Fetid ooze drips down the walls.

Echoes of my brother’s voice screaming the shadows will eat you.

Our childhood game played as adults and my brother’s delusions.

Or so I believed until he disappeared.  

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Childhood Games

  1. Ona Marae says:

    Hey Finn, did I see that you are going to be doing a workshop for HerStry this year? Way cool!

  2. Finnian Burnett says:

    I am- my second with them. I’m also teaching a six week flash course with Kimberly Cooper Griffin. 🙂

    1. Ona Marae says:

      Also at HerSTry? I didin’t see that one on the calendar, so i’ll go back and look!

      1. Finnian Burnett says:

        No – with Inkstacks!

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