Finnian Burnett


Here’s a drabble (100 words exactly) story I submitted recently that didn’t get accepted. The theme was war.

The Association’s Claim

The McAlister’s 1985 Winnebago slams through my front window; knickknacks careen through the air.

My body is moving before my mind registers the assault. “Protect the pond,” I shout to the kids.

Dave McAlister dives from the camper and rolls. “We want that water!”

Joey’s graduation photo shatters over my head as bullets hit the wall.

We’ve been under siege since the homeowner’s association seized the neighbourhood’s water rights.  Our backyard pond is mossy, but potable.

Joe, Sr. drops on Dave, snapping his neck. My gentle husband turned warrior. “More will be coming.” He pockets Dave’s gun and heads outside.

2 thoughts on “Rejected Drabble

  1. Kimberly says:

    I like this dystopian story…but is it dystopian? Time will tell. The imagery is intense and “mossy but potable” is a striking description. I immediately see people pulling threads of green from their drinking vessels and tiny frogs hopping away when the pond is approached. Very nice.

    1. Finnian Burnett says:

      Right? It’s a little more realistic than I’d like to think.

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