Finnian Burnett

Author, Educator, Cat Person

I love these little challenges – 50 word stories, 100 word stories. Here’s a 29 word story I wrote the other day. It had to be about a road trip.

Sprawled in the passenger seat, she laughs. “A road trip? But where would we go?”

My fingers, aching to touch her face, curl around the steering wheel instead.


2 thoughts on “29 Word Story

  1. Mercedes says:


  2. Mercedes says:

    Excellent! So much packed into 29 little words. A whole story. A complete story. Gabrielle(Xena) could never do that! LOL
    You are making me see the value of these contests as an outstanding writing exercise tool.

    The word count is diminishing. Pretty soon you’re going to enter a contest where you have to THINK a story with one word.
    How will they be able to tell who won?! LOL

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