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Y’all. I have to admit when I started following Anna Burke on Patreon, it was because I think she’s a great person, I love her novels, and I wanted to support her because I knew she had lost income during COVID. I’m super busy so I knew I wouldn’t get much out of the content of the Patreon and really just did it to be a nice person who supports other writers when I can.

And that would have been fine if that was all it was. But then a thing happened. I got sucked into the weird and wonderful world that is Anna’s Patreon page. It might have started with a short story here and there. Or perhaps it was the anti-inspirational-quote memes.

An example:

But after that, she busted out exclusive stories only for patrons – retellings of fairy tales. Snow White, Peter Pan. All the most incredible stories made queer and amazing. Then she added video chats with other greats in the WLW writing world like Rey Spangler and Kris Bryant.

She gave us cover reveals and “blooper reels” of her writing, pre-editing. And y’all, I upped my monthly payment to get into the next tier up because I wanted more.

Through this dumpster fire of a year, through as busy as I am with school, teaching, and everything else, through losing my beloved senior dog, through struggling through this long, long, long winter’s depression, I have to say that Anna’s Patreon page has been an absolute balm.

May be an image of 1 person and snake

And then she upped the ante! Today, my wife and I went to the post and the paper copy of a book Anna made JUST FOR PATRONS was in my mailbox. As you can tell, I was super excited.

Front and back covers of Anna’s book for subscribers

Here’s a copy of the cover since I managed to snap a backward picture in selfie mode and was too lazy to turn the camera around and try to do it the other way.

Needless to say, I’ve gone from being a supporter of Anna’s page to a rapid fan of Anna’s page.

So, whether you’re looking to support an incredible person who volunteers a lot of time to emerging writers both on her own and through the Golden Crown Literary Society or you’re looking for high-quality content and stories, art, content you won’t get anywhere else, I highly recommend you follow Anna Burke. And don’t forget to wave at me while you’re there.

Click here to start the good times rolling.

2 thoughts on “Anna Burke on Patreon

  1. carolynmcb says:

    I’m a big fan of Anna too, and she’ll be the first creator I support on Patreon. She’s a talented writer and a generous person. Not to mention, a great inspiration for my own Patreon page as well.
    Great piece, Finn!

    1. Finn Burnett says:

      Thank you! Anna really does set the bar on how to run a Patreon page for authors.

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