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Today, I’m excited to welcome KD Williamson to talk about fishing, worms, and her new release, Big Girl Pill. Please check it out. You can find contact information for KD, including where to find her book, below.


Fish, Cabins and Worms



Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer. I pictured myself living in an isolated cabin in the woods with a Golden Retriever, a typewriter and an endless supply of cocoa that I was going to drink during the summer months as well. The trees around me would be plentiful and tall looking down and, protecting me like sentinels. The creek that circled my home would be of the babbling kind and overrun with fish.

Full disclosure, I’m deathly allergic to fish. The only kind I can eat is tuna. Yes, please giphyinsert bad lesbian joke here. Regardless, the act of actually catching fish used to be something I enjoyed. That is until I developed a fear of worms thanks to the 1970’s horror classic, SQUIRM!

Thanks so much.

Now, what was I saying?

Oh, regardless, being a writer was a dream I held on to for a long time. Much longer than my other dream to be a gynecologist. Okay, insert another lesbian joke here. No, I’m not making that up. You see, I didn’t think I had the smarts to retain all the information to be a doctor. Well, that and I didn’t want to go to school for twenty years. As time passed, the dream to be a writer did too. I never thought I had what it took to be one.

Then, during my Junior year in high school I do believe, the English teacher gave the class a writing prompt to write about an emotional situation. I chose to write about the anxiousness and fear I experienced during an activity at JROTC summer camp. The activity was repelling down a fifty-foot tower. By the time I finished reading my prompt aloud. my classmates, who I’d known since elementary, were staring at me and the teacher had a big ole smile on her face.

Quite a few chimed in on how they could actually see things happening as if they were there and feel my fear. They even laughed at my detailed comical exchange with the army guy; how I was pushed and went down screaming.

It was then that the dream sparked again. Oh, it fizzled on and off for a while until I finally decided to dedicate myself due to real life circumstances. Until I figured out, despite anything else I was doing career wise, I was going to write every chance I got.

BGPcoverNow, here I am on my sixth novel and it’s a book very different from all my others. Yes, it’s a romance. Yes, it has a happily ever after. Yes, it’s full of humor and has just enough angst to bite off and chew. I say different because of the characters and the genuineness and earnestness they radiate. I say different because while it fits the simplistic tropes for friends-to-lovers and second chance romance there’s still an air of complication surrounding it. This could be your story. This could be my story filled with nuance and emotional undercurrent that is strangely familiar.

Just like me, Nina Sterling has to figure out her own path. She’s two women…the woman her mother and fiancé want her to be and the woman that lives inside her struggling to get out. Whereas, Maya Davis’ has her eyes on the prize: to get over the one who got away. Things don’t go exactly as planned and that prize becomes something else entirely. The supporting cast enriches the main characters and stand on their own as well. It’s a book filled with small quiet moments and big ones that are wrapped in hilarity and warmth.

It’s a book I think readers will be surprised by and utterly enjoy.


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