Finnian Burnett


1 CaptureI swear I drag this book out every few years and try to make a go at learning to draw. In my heart of hearts, I want to be able to create art.

In my reality, however, everything I draw showcases not creative energy, but an absolute lack of artistic talent. I’m like Mulder. I WANT to believe. My heart longs to draw, but my hands say no.

Perhaps that’s why I’m a writer. I have all that frustrated artist energy, but not the talent to go along with it.

Do you have any creative endeavors that burn in your soul, but not in your abilities?


7 thoughts on “Coffee and a Book

  1. Anne Hagan says:

    I have no creative talent beyond writing. I even mention on my website that simple craft projects (for children) often elude me. I can’t carry a tune. I tried to play the clarinet and piano…dismal failures. The only way I can draw is with a t-square and templates and only that after three years of high school drafting training. Painting? Not even by numbers. I’m lucky I can color in the lines!

    1. Author Beth Burnett says:

      We are so alike. I keep trying. I have a Uke and a harmonica. I WANT to be creative in other ways. 🙂

  2. Kimi says:

    Dear Beth,
    I don’t know what you’re trying to draw, but not every attempt needs to be a person or animal, etc. Perhaps try to experiment with color and shapes, waves and lines. I consider myself (not professionally) artistic and I enjoy carving, making healing dolls and the like but what stops me now are my hands. They cramp so badly mid-project that it frustrates and saddens me. Many times it keeps me from finishing or even starting. I try to be patient and gentle with myself because I love it so. Keep at it though my friend, if for nothing else than to encourage that side of yourself. Let your imagination carry you 🥰

    1. Author Beth Burnett says:

      I just have the fondest memory of sitting around a table with you, crafting with other women. ❤

      1. Kimi says:

        I remember that moment so well! You were crafting that one evening at the table, was it knitting, crochet or something like that?

      2. Author Beth Burnett says:

        I can’t remember now – I think we were making little stars or something that Majorie had taught us to make. ❤ I am so glad that retreat brought you into my life!

  3. Kimi says:

    Ditto kiddo!!!

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