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Writing is hard work. It’s solitary, it’s sometimes nerve-wracking. It can be exhilarating and it can be devastating.

There are times when I think I’m on the cusp of landing something huge and there are times I feel I should just go ahead and quit now.

Somehow, those moments of wanting to quit are always ameliorated by the support of other writers. I’m lucky to have a network of supportive writer friends who reach out at just the right time. I’m blessed to be married to a writer who understands the exhilaration and devastation that comes from the acceptances and rejections. I’ve been the recipient of gift cards for groceries from other writers during tough times. I’ve had writers read my works and give me constructive feedback. I know writers who send just the right humorous meme at just the writer time. There are people who share my blog posts and those who retweet me on Twitter.

I’ve been so lucky to have the support of so many amazing people in my life. One of those incredible people is author Kris Bryant. She has simply shown up for me on several occasions in different ways.

Kris is one of those people who understands that success is not a pie and supporting other authors is not going to take away from her chance to thrive as a writer. She does a lot for a lot of people. She is a talented writer. And more importantly, she is a good person with a great heart.

Writing is hard, y’all. Having a good support system is vital. If you don’t yet have that support system, consider the ways you can support others. It doesn’t have to be financial. You can request a library carry someone’s book. You can share their promo posts on social media. You can read their work, write reviews, mention their name when people ask for book recommendations. You can gather a good support system by *being* a good support system. The rest will follow naturally.

You can find out more about Kris Bryant and her work here.  (You can also pre-order this delightful story there, as well)

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