Finnian Burnett


I’m so excited to announce that my dear friend Sonya will be visiting my blog next week with an excellent post on “The Elephant in the Room.” The topic, being a fat person in this world, is one that is near to my heart. Sonya is a writer, a librarian, and a deep thinker. Her recent article, Striving for the Divine: An American Convert’s Early Years in Islam was published in the academic journal, “The Other Journal” by the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Tune in next week to read her guest post.



Sonya and Scout revFollow Sonya at WordPress where she blogs as the Snake Lady Librarian. She’s currently unwinding a true story about a cross-continental quest to study romantic female friendship poetry complete with tales of manipulating Welsh librarians for the benefit of decoding 300-year-old erotic expression, walking in the footprints of vacationing Romanovs, being psychologically repelled from a 17th century monastery, Serious Ass Research Monkey Serendipity, and the revelation that Antwerp has better French fries than the U.S.

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