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I’ve been keeping a Patreon page for the past year or so. I have to admit for the most part, my followers there are my closest friends, people who are supporting me because I’m supporting them (essentially canceling each other out), and my mom. (Hi, mom.)

I have several tiers – most of my supporters are at the 2-5 dollar tier, but I do have some kind souls who go a bit higher.


In the beginning, I was pretty random about posting things to Patreon. I’d throw up a short story now and then, post a cover I’d made on Canva. I sometimes reviewed books I’d read of other authors in my genre. A couple times, I took a poll about the next thing people wanted to see and the majority voted for a 100 word story in which they got to pick five of the words.

I was posting some great content and getting some good feedback, but it was sporadic. I’m kind of a random person anyway, so it’s hard for me to do things on the regular-like.

Over the past few months, however, I have buckled down and created a schedule. I’ve been posting full novels chapter by chapter. I’ve written short stories only for my supporters. I’ve posted writing advice, character sketches, even opening paragraphs of stories I’ve written for contests.

And lo and behold! I have three new supporters this month and – wait for it – I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THEM! Of course, I turned right around and followed one of them back, thus negating their pledge, but hey, IT IS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. Besides, it is less about the money and more about the support. I don’t know when I might publish another novel. I won a major award with my last novel, and since then, I’ve hit a stalemate. So I have nothing forthcoming, but with Patreon, the people who love my writing still get a chance to read it.

Further, it keeps my creative muscles agile. I may not be doing much writing on my manuscripts these days, but I am always inspired to bust something out for my patrons. In a way, my supporters are doing more than paying for my writing; They’re giving me the motivation to keep going. Lately, that counts for a lot.

Thank you, Patrons.



One thought on “Patreon

  1. Anne Hagan says:

    You’re welcome! And, I would support you even if I didn’t know you because your stuff rocks. I don’t always ‘like’ each chapter as it comes in, but I always read them.

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