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Getting ready to submit another story to the Saints and Sinners literary conference. I’ve made it to the top 25, but not the top ten for the past three years. I’m hoping to make it to the top ten this year. I’m working on a story about Reggie and Arthur, two BFFs with a shot at long-term love.

Here’s the opening.




Reggie leaned back in his chair, pushing down on Adam’s head. The young man’s mouth was wet and greedy on Reggie’s cock and Reggie wasn’t far from losing it. He twisted his fingers into Adam’s mop of shaggy blond hair, enjoying the soft feel of the curls in his big hands. Adam looked like a stereotypical surfer dude with long, lean muscles and his soft, long hair. Reggie met him back in October, shortly after Adam had moved to Phoenix from California to go to grad school at ASU. Life in the desert didn’t slow the surfer’s roll down in the least. He had simply switched to rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and surprisingly, golf.

Reggie smiled. He had a sexy young man sucking his dick and here he was lost in thought about outdoor sports. He pressed his fingers against Adam’s head, groaning a bit as the man’s tongue flicked along the underside of Reggie’s cock. Rocking his hips up, he let the natural rhythm of Adam’s mouth wash over him. He clenched his stomach muscles as a sharp ripple of longing spread from his balls to his stomach.

Adam looked coyly up at Reggie and at the last minute, lifted his mouth and wrapped his hand around Reggie’s cock, squeezing and pulling it until Reggie came in his hand.

“Someday you’re going to swallow it,” Reggie said.

“I never swallow,” Adam said, pursing his lips.

He looked so like an old lady at that moment, Reggie couldn’t help but laugh. Adam stood up and reached for a towel. He wiped off his hand and threw the towel toward the laundry bin. “I’ve gotta go wash up.”

“Hey, wait,” Reggie said, reaching for Adam’s arm. “I’ve got something you might want.”

Adam didn’t pause on his way to the bathroom. “I can’t. I have a nine o’clock tee time.”

Reggie looked away, the good mood from his orgasm vanishing rapidly. “Are you going with John?”

Adam answered by shutting the bathroom door. Reggie heard the shower go on. Half-tempted to slip into the shower with Adam, he stood up. At the bathroom door, he hesitated. Adam wasn’t a cuddly kind of guy and he had made it clear that he was in a hurry. Turning away from the door, he walked naked into the kitchen and quickly ate a hard-boiled egg.

His picked up his phone. Arthur had called. Reggie grinned. Arthur was so old school, he didn’t even have texting on his phone. His flip phone. Reggie chuckled and dialed his best friend’s number.

“Hi Reggie.” Arthur sounded happy to hear from him.

“Hey.” Reggie could feel the smile spreading across his face. “I didn’t listen to your voicemail.”

“Of course you didn’t,” Arthur said. “I don’t know why I continue to leave them.”

“Because someday you’ll be dead and all I’ll have left of you will be fifty-thousand voicemails asking me why I never answer my phone.”

Arthur laughed and Reggie’s chest swelled with happiness. Arthur had been Reggie’s best friend for almost thirty years. It was comforting growing old with someone who was doing the same. Not that Reggie looked old, he reminded himself.

“That’s a lovely thought,” Arthur replied. “It will be a literary tour de force. Instead of the letters of Reggie Jonas and Arthur Kurtz, we’ll have the voicemails. Too bad I don’t text, at least you’d have something in print to save for posterity.”

“I doubt anyone is interested in our posteriors,” Reggie joked.

“Don’t be too sure,” Arthur said. “I’m an academic. If I make a breakthrough and then die in a tragic, yet sensational way, you’ll be set for life.”

Reggie shook his head. “I don’t even like thinking that way.” He paused. “What will I leave the world? My biography will be called The Big, Black, and Beautiful Boy Toy.”

“You aren’t a boy toy anymore, my friend, but you are certainly beautiful.”

Reggie smiled. “What’s going on?”

“I have no appointments after one today, and I thought I might tempt you into lunch at that new vegetarian restaurant in Scottsdale.”

“I’m always tempted to go out with you,” Reggie said. “Shall I pick you up on campus?”

“One o’clock,” Arthur said. “Don’t be late.” He hung up.

Reggie laughed again as Adam came into the kitchen. “What’s so funny?”

“Arthur,” Reggie said.

Adam grimaced. “I don’t know why you hang out with him. He’s so old and boring.”

Reggie frowned. “He’s not boring and he’s the same age as me.”

Adam sidled close to Reggie, breathing softly against his face. Reggie’s cock stirred and Adam noticed. He looked down and smiled. “Too bad I have to go,” Adam said. He turned abruptly.

“How about a kiss goodbye?” Reggie said. His voice sounded plaintive to his own ears and he tried to force it into a more casual tone. “Hey, get over here and kiss me goodbye.”

Adam waved over his shoulder. “Can’t. Late. I took fifty out of your wallet, by the way. The guys want to go to lunch after the game.”

He slammed out the door leaving Reggie staring after him in disgust. When did Adam get the idea that he could just take money from Reggie’s wallet? He strode into the bedroom and picked up his wallet. Counting the money, he sighed. Adam had taken two fifties and a twenty. Reggie carried a lot of cash, but he always knew exactly how much he had.

One thought on “Reggie and Arthur

  1. janbeee2 says:

    Aw, poor Reggie. 😦

    Good story, i’d keep reading.

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