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jkferb2 Jody (right) with Ferb

First, a disclaimer. I’m a huge fan of Jody Klaire, both as a person and as a writer. She is immensely talented in a lot of different ways. I sat down to talk about her time with the Writing Academy and about some of her recent work.

Let’s jump right in with your book La Vie En Bleu. I might be a little biased because this was your Writing Academy book, but I just love this adorable romance. Pippa is such an amazing, albeit flighty character and the story is so charming and sweet. Can you talk a bit about your process writing this book?

I’m delighted you’re biased! La Vie En Bleu was my first romantic comedy. I spent time on holiday (on vacation) in Provence growing up and studied French (and French culture and people) as an adult. I wanted the book to…

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