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An excellent interview with one of my favorite people.

The Other Side

May 27, 2018.  Kimberly Cooper Griffin is a prolific, 51-year-old writer from San Diego who now lives in Denver, CO, with her wife and young daughter. She is the award-winning author of Life in High Def (INDIEFAB Erotica Gold 2016) and Chasing Mercury (INDIEFAB Romance Finalist 2017.) In the last ten years since she started giving herself time to write, she has completed twelve more manuscripts besides the one that is coming out this July, Three Times the Charm. No, but what does she really like to do for fun?

Apparently, write.

One of the first things I wanted to know was about the women who influenced and influence her. When she began writing, her muse for romance writing was Karin Kallmaker, while her earliest favorite author was Katherine V. Forrest. Her cheerleaders are her wife (who wants her to write because it’s something Kimberly loves) and her best…

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