Finnian Burnett


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been so busy in end of semester hell that I’ve barely registered the good news that my flash piece, “A Moon More Beautiful,” went into the top ten of the Storybilder contest.

The last part of this contest is based on popular vote and because I haven’t been paying attention, I’m way behind.

I would really appreciate if you’d consider giving a “heart” to my story. You do have to register but they don’t send you a ton of mail. (Or any, if you opt out).

I have a chance to win a large cash prize if I win this popular vote, so please consider helping.

Thank you!

When the Herstry Blog put out a call for themed writings on breasts, I knew I had a lot to say. My feelings about my breasts are irrevocably tied up with internalized fatphobia and gender identity as well. If you’d like to read the post, please check it out here.

Hi Everyone! I have a plethora of workshops and classes coming up in the next few months, so please check them out as you’re able.

I’ve worked with the organizers to ensure a variety of prices so the workshops will be accessible to people

You can view the list of events here – and stay tuned for more entries in the fall!