Finnian Burnett


I did a video of one of my favorite scenes from my first novel. Davey and her mother, Leah are having a rather public exchange about Leah’s sex life.


It was fun to record, though not as fun as reading to a crowd where I can see facial expressions and get feedback. Still, I like the video a lot. This is not pornographic… it’s funny. But some of the subject matter may be a twee unsafe for work listening.


Check it out. 



3 thoughts on “I did this video reading….

  1. Karma13 says:

    Nicely done! 🙂

    –Linda (Dee)

    1. bethsnewlife says:

      Thanks, Linda! I do love reading and I appreciate you taking the time to listen 🙂

      1. Karma13 says:

        I LOVE doing readings. I had to do a 30-minute public reading for my MFA and I fell in love with it. That’s when I realized that I love to write fiction that’s meant to be read aloud. And your reading was adorable. You sold a book out of it! 🙂

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